It has been almost two weeks… I think I got the dreaded bug!   You are never safe when you have a key worker in the house. (yes, my husband a respiratory specialist working hard to save his patients).  All my exercise and healthy eating plan out of doors.

You may not have any of the typical symptoms of the  ‘C’ word, but you can still be taken quiet low physically and mentally.  The feeling of listlessness, chills,  tiredness, not wanting to do anything….  A total disinterest in the World

Then suddenly one day it looks like the window has been swept clean of the dust and all the beautiful sights and sound is visible to you! Birds chirping..the cherry tree in full bloom, the sun out in its full glory.. ‘All things bright and beautiful’  It seems like I have a new lease on life.


Please follow me on my 30 days recovery journey.