Red Pepper and Halloumi Salad Ingredients

Great Red Pepper and Halloumi Salad for summer months.  Red pepper and tomato add colour, flavour and are rich in vitamin C.  Haloumi has lower fat than many hard cheese varieties and tastes delicious when grilled.  Avocado has beneficial fats and is a source of Vitamin C, E &K. Pine nuts help with weight loss and are full of antioxidants and are very tasty.



125 gm Halloumi cheese

2 tbsp pine nuts

2 handfuls of any salad leaves

1 red pepper sliced

150 gm cherry tomato halved

1 avocado sliced

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

½ lime

Freshly ground pepper and salt



Cut Halloumi into ¼ in slices and fry in a frying pan for 1 to ½ minutes on each side until crisp and set aside.  Roast the pine nuts on the same frying pan for 1 minute or so.

Arrange the salad leaves on a salad bowl or plate and then throw in the red pepper, tomatoes and avocado slices.   Arrange the Halloumi pieces on top of the salad. Whisk together the oil, lime and seasoning and mix it with salad and gently toss and scatter over the pine nuts.  Delicious ‘Red pepper and Halloumi salad’ ready!

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