Dieting for weight loss? Really funny as I remember a friend who was on a diet for weight loss but would always call to tell me that she just came out of the kitchen- “after all if no one sees you, what you eat doesn’t contain any calorie”.

That is precisely the condition a lot of people find themselves all in the name of dieting for weight loss.  Naturally, the effort to lose weight is more of a psychological exercise than a physical act of self-starvation, deprivation and a powerful compulsion to abide by some diet rules and commandments.

From any angle one may view the concept of dieting, one fact is undeniable when you go through the process of diet for a weight loss result – the dumb weight will always come back even with more friends after a couple of years (s).

Apart from just coming back with a couple of friends, most people who attempt dieting as a means to achieving their weight loss goals, always end up with various complications which may range from physical to health or even both for the most unfortunate ones.

With various scientific backings and other results gathered from personal experiences about the perils of dieting, the reasons why dieting does not work are straightforward and glaring.

Below are some compelling reasons why dieting may not give you a permanent result for the job you’ve paid it to do.

Dieting Is Temporary and Gives Ephemeral Result

How can one lease a car for 2 years and expect to drive it all his life? That is what dieting for weight loss does. You enjoy the benefits while it last and once the exercise is done with, you gradually go back to the same eating pattern that will add more weight to you. Most times, dieters tend to gain more weight than what they were trying to avoid some years before their diet routine.

Diet won’t Teach You Healthy Eating

Today, fruits only! Tomorrow, vegetables only! The day after, Banana and Milk! Sure, you’ll be smiling as this reminds you of your diet commandments. Typically, this is what dieting will tell you to do, and when you follow this blindly while depriving your body of other vital nutrients, you’ll jump up in the excitement that you are actually losing weight. The rigidity of this pattern cannot last, and it anyway deprives you, it is best to eat healthy balanced diets which will give you the result you expect in the long run.

Diet Teaches You to Ignore Your Taste Instinct

Eating is one art which is not learned anywhere but developed as we grow up. At various point in one’s life, you may know what your body needs probably in response to a particular change around your environment, and you respond quickly to that need. But when you are on a diet, the ‘Roman dictator’ will tell you “No way! You are supposed to take only vegetables today, period.”

Diet Deprives You of Other Important Nutrients

While on a diet, sure you were handed a list of “must-eat alone” for a particular day until the whole diet period is over? But, come to think of this. Do you know that your body requires other essential macronutrients which might not even be a part of your diet list throughout your diet period?  If yes, so why offer yourself as a sacrificial lamb to dieting just because you need to lose some pound of weight which may possibly bounce back?

Eating to lose weight or maintain your shape comes as a result of the proper combination of nutritionally balanced foods that are healthy but good to taste and offers variation as we are humans!

“The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day, you’re off it”- Jackie Gleason

Please share with us your dieting nightmare stories for the benefit of other women.