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This site is dedicated to helping all people in their midlife lead a happy, healthy and a self-assured life. Looking & feeling good from the inside out so that age is not a barrier to achieve whatever you want, and that you can also age gracefully into old age.

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Free 5 Day Lifestyle Change Challenge

Whatever your health & wellbeing goal is this is the best time for making a change. It may be improving your stamina or losing weight! It could be related to mental well beings, like reducing stress or sleeping better. It all starts with the changes in your lifestyle!!

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Promoting midlife health & happiness


1. Nutrition & Healthy Weight Loss Corner

In this section, you will find a lot of resources that will help you with healthy eating & weight loss.

2. Fitness -Running & Strength Training Special

Fitness videos, fitness blogs, access to the exclusive private group for online running and much more

3. Happiness & Wellbeing Corner

Here you have access to videos, podcasts and downloadable tools, you will have access to proven and practical techniques you can start to use immediately to help you appreciate and enjoy all areas of your life.


Fab40+ 28 day Pranayama(Breathing) Challenge

FAB40+28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

FAB40+ Online Running for Over 40's

FAB40+28 Day Lifestyle Challenge for over 40's & 50's

FAB40+ Beat the hormones for over 40's

3 Day Kickoff Sugar Addiction

The ultimate kick off the sugar addiction programme – a meal plan, an itemised grocery list and recipes. Includes nutritional information

Grab The High Protein Breakfast Recipes for Athletes on the GO

Grab High Protein Breakfast Recipes for Athletes on the GO for added energy & improving muscle soreness!

Grab the Anxiety & Stress Busting Meal Plan

Anxiety & Stress Busting Programme – a meal plan, an itemised grocery list and recipes. Includes nutritional information

50 healthy, delicious weight loss, post-workout, gut healing, bloat fighting, detox & immunity-boosting smoothies. Nutritional information included with each recipe.

High Protein – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks Recipes,  Nutrient information included, Shopping List Included




I started working with Raji about six months after having tried the GM diet and failing miserable, putting back more weight than before the diet; feeling the desperate need to lose the weight and feel more energetic so I could get more out of life. I did not have the guidance of a coach before and was not sure what to expect.

Raji has been absolutely fabulous and has made the activity very simple and enjoyable. She is well informed in all aspects of diet & fitness. She gave me countless advice & tips that I was able to incorporate in my daily life.  I really enjoy our 1 to 1 phone calls; they are appropriately structured, and we discuss my personal nutrition & fitness goals and my progress. I always feel rejuvenated and confident after the calls. The icing on the cake is that through her lifestyle coaching methods, I have also experienced a lot of personal growth from the activities that she includes as part of her coaching.  I strongly advocate that anyone with a desire to improve their overall health & wellbeing work with Raji as their coach!

Anuradha – Delhi.

I started with Raji as I wanted to lose weight & get toned and be held accountable. Raji was able to help me work toward these goals by encouraging me to exercise even a little helping me realise working out does not have to take hours. Raji held me accountable for accomplishing my goals. She has also helped me move away from people that are negative in my life, which lead me to realise who these people were. The most significant change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that my clothes are loose/too big. Since starting to work with Raji, people have started to see that I lost weight. I have lost 15lbs so far. Raji has helped me stay focused on positive thoughts and positive people/friends in my life.  Raji makes you aware of what you eat really does affect your body and mind. I would recommend Raji to anyone that is serious about making changes to their life, for the better. The choice is yours.

Anne - VA

Raji is dedicated to serving the over 40’s. She has a very peaceful and relaxed way of making you feel comfortable with the process of improving your health and vitality. Through this process of unearthing, she gives you a lot of information to think about and come up with new ways of eating that can help with whatever issues you are trying to resolve. I love that Raji was so knowledgeable, warm and helpful in guiding me to the best choices to make for my life. This was indeed an eye-opening experience toward making changes that benefit me and what I want out of life. What I gained from working with Raji has exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend her services to people in their midlife looking to better their lives.

Monica - Singapore


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A health guide for women over 40 – Fabulous Forty Plus!

My Health Guide is to help women over 40 to lead a healthy and happy life with age not being a barrier to their quality of life. They should be able to pursue the activities with the same vigour as they were in their 20’s and 30’s and thereby growing old gracefully and remain healthy and independent for the rest of their lives. The inspiration for the website is from my journey after I crossed 40 as a result of the trials and tribulation and eventual success.

About Me

My name is Raji. I am on the wrong side of 40 but the right side of life. This site is dedicated to help all 40 plus women feel and look good from the inside out for the rest of our lives.

Based on my experience, and what knowledge I have gathered by pouring through relevant literature, books and the internet (so you don’t have to!), I have set up this site, to assist 40 Plus women like me to manage health and wellbeing.